Joint Sealing Machine FVM PLUS 400 K

Technical data

(self-propelled Joint Sealing Machine)

· deadweight: approx. 3100 kg
· length: 5410 mm
· width: 1989 mm
· height: 2500 mm


  • spring-loaded tandem chassis with overrun brake system
  • automatic brake adjustment and parking brake
  • height adjustable towing device
  • safety flash light
  • safety grating on the right side
  • individual licence according to StVO
  • permissible maximum weight 3500kg
  • 12 volts lighting equipment, 13 pole connector
  • top cover with preheating function
  • double-walled isolated melting pot with melting grit
  • hose heating box
  • thermal oil circulating pump
  • thermal oil – thermometer
  • sluice gate with dosing opening
  • pouring material – thermometer
  • retainer for 2 x 33 kg gas bottles
  • connection for the hot air lancet
  • effective material preperation 400 l
  • toolbox


  • robust 4-Cylinder HATZ diesel engine, water-cooled
  • electric starter (24 volts) with battery main switch
  • 60 l diesel tank (optional 100 l)
  • 50 kW at 2000 rpm
  • engine cover

Hydraulic System

  • hydrostatic driven tandem chassis
  • hydraulic driven pumps
  • thermal oil circulation pump, pouring unit, compressor, stirrer, oil cooler
  • hydraulic driven steering in rear operating area
  • hydraulic lift axle for a better manoeuvrability
  • hydraulic tank mit return flow and breather filter

Compressed Air System

  • automatic air pressure switch
  • rotary compressor 4 m3 at 6 bar
  • pneumatisc spray bar control
  • safety valve
  • connection for the hot air lancet

Pouring Hose (standard)

  • lancet with  4 meters pouring hose
  • pouring hose and lancet retainer for transport
  • preheating box for pouring hose
  • cleaning device for bitumen pipes
  • hose bracket for guidance during work

Internal Pump (standard)

  • delivery pump is located inside the melting pot
  • hydraulic driven pouring pump
  • stepless speed control
  • pump heating by potting material

Heated Pouring Hose (optional)

  • lancet with 6 meters pouring hose
  • adjustable temperature control up to 180 C
  • electric heated hose via vehicle voltage 24 volts DC
  • electromagnetic on/ off switch function of the delivery pump (switch function on the pouring pump)
  • prevents hose plugging – pouring pump runs only during the pouring process
  • hose and lancet retainer for the transport
  • pouring hose retainer for guidance during operation

External Pump (optional)

  • hydraulic driven pouring pump
  • stepless peed control
  • external pouring pump covered in thermal oil
  • enables an easy pump exchange

Edge Spray Bar (optional)

  • mechanical adjustable spray bar OR
  • hydraulical adjustable spray bar
  • 3 spray nozzles with pneumatic activation

Indirect Heating

Standard Oil Heating

  • 24 volts oil burner for light fuel oil or diesel
  • supply from diesel tank or additional tank
  • thermal oil safety limiter to interrupt the heating process
  • temperature control by thermal oil and pouring material thermostat up to 300 C
  • gas bottle retainer
  • hand gas burner with accessories

Oil Heating (optional)

  • transformator 230 volts AC -> 24 volts DC
  • for external oil burner power supply
  • preheating and keeping warm the thermal oil while the engine is switched off

Oil Burner (optional)

  • timer for an automatic oil burner starting process
  • power supply of 230 volts needed

Additional Electric Heating Rod (optional)

  • 3000 W, 230 volts
  • for a constant thermal oil temperature  through an external power source up to 120 C


  • LED – work lights
  • LED – warning signs for a better visibility
  • safety rails
  • plattform and occasional seat in operating area
  • spare wheel
  • hydraulic oil cooler
  • camera system with monitor for an even better all-round visibility
  • fire extinguisher
  • special painting in RAL colours

further options are availbale on request!