Service Tanks/ Bitumen Tanks

Technical data

TS – 3000

·   capacity: 3000 l
·   dimensions: 1400 x 2000 mm

TS – 4000

·   capacity: 4000 l
·   dimensions: 1400 x 3000 mm

TS – 5000

·   capacity: 5000 l
·   dimensions: 1400 x 3400 mm


  • on a steel frame with forklift mountings
  • on a air brake trailer chassis
  • on a truck


  • steel tank
  • all sides 50 mm insunlation with rockwool
  • outer shell made of aluminium stucco
  • access ladder to the dome cover and overflow tray
  • overflow pipe
  • tank ventilation
  • mechanic filling level indicator
  • inclunding electronic equipment on the carrier vehicle (15 pole/ 24 volts)

Flame Tube Heating

  • adjustable temperature up to 90 C
  • automatic temperature limit switch function
  • optional: automatis gas system with safety device
  • optional: oil burner 24 volts DC for fuel oil extra light or diesel

Hydraulic System

  • hydraulic tank with return flow filter
  • hydraulic pump driven by truck auxiliary drive or powered by a seperate diesel engine

Air Pressure System

  • pneumatic spray bar control
  • to blow out the bitumen pipes
  • hydraulic driven air compressor or supply from the air brake system of the carrier vehicle

Booster Pump

  • hydraulic driven booster pump
  • hydraulic control valve with current controller to regulate the pump speed and the rotaion direction

Spraying Unit

  • bitumen filter
  • filling, circulating and spraying the binder

Cleaning Unit

  • installation for cleaning and blowing out the bitumen pipes
  • direct tubed, via ball valve switchable

Spray Bar

  • spraying width max. 2,5 m, one-piece rigid
  • spraying width max. 3,75 Meter, three-piece foldable
  • pneumatically siwtchable togehter and individually deactivatable

further options are available on request!