Bitumen Spraying Machine VSM-A

Technical data

(Bitumen Spraying Machine)

· deadweight: 330/ 350 kg (without barrel)
· length: 3000 mm
· width: 1430 mm
· height: 1750 mm


  • single-axle trailer
  • height-adjustable drawbar
  • towing speed up to 100 km/h
  • hand drawbar with fall brake
  • lighting equipment 12 volts/ 13 pin plug
  • spherical head clutch optional DIN – towing eye
  • preheated binding material pump with reversable rotational direction
  • barrel intake for a 200 l barrel
  • foldable stanchions for easy loading of the barrel
  • chain securing device for the barrel during transport
  • toolbox


  • robust 1-cylinder HATZ diesel engine (air cooled)
  • cable control starter
  • 5 l diesel tank
  • 4,2 kW at 2600 rpm
  • 10 l hydraulic tank with return flow filter
  • directly driven hydraulic pumps

Booster Pump

  • adjustable pressure limitation valve
  • max. flow 16 l/ min
  • preheated binding material pump with reversable rotational direction


  • propan barrel heating (line heating torch with four flames) with safety installation
  • hand blow torch
  • retainer for gas bottles of 11 kg

Spraying Device

  • mountings and pipework for spraying, circulating and pumping the binding material
  • suction unit with integrated return flow to be screwed into the cask bung
  • thermometer for processing material
  • manual spray lance with 5 m hose


  • reinforced axle with 750 kg and 155 R13 tyres
  • additional electric starter (to the cable control starter)
  • a mixing tank with outlet valve can be transported and heated instead of a barrel
  • Piezo ignition for the 4-flame line heating torch