Banquet Spreader AST 2500 BKT/ HY

Technical data

· deadweight: 355 kg
· length: 800 mm
· width: 2680 mm
· heigth: 900 mm


  • sturdy steel welded construction
  • mechanically powered discharge slider on the left or right side, manual operation
  • operating area located in driving direction rear left or right
  • safety cover and LED safety flashlights
  • holder for broom and shovel


  • forklift mountings for an easy and uncomplicated annexe on the truck

Spiral Conveyor

  • varialbe speed hydraulic for the grit support

Hydraulic System

  • drive by truck hydraulics

60 l oil at a pressure of 180 bar needed

  • manual control unit with screw velocity control

Options (sliding carriage)

  • for quick and easy refill works of the banquets
  • optimal and even material ejection
  • hydraulic positioning is possible